Crusader Capstone

Our students are given great opportunities through their course work, the Capstone Program, and extracurricular activities. They are developing their leadership skills and habits that will prepare them for the future that lies ahead.Mrs. Shirley Geiss, Upper School Principal

Crusader Capstone

Rigor, Growth and Focus.

The Holy Cross Lutheran Academy Crusader Capstone encourages students to think critically, solve challenging problems and develop the skills of oral communication, public speaking, research, planning, self-sufficiency and goal setting. Projects are interdisciplinary, requiring students to apply skills across many different subject areas. The experience helps to prepare students for college and modern careers.

The Crusader Capstone Journey

  • Grade 9

    One Semester Capstone Course

Self-Leadership & Connecting with Others

  • Journaling and Portfolio
  • Develop 3-5 formal research questions
  • Disney Seminar: Managing Your Personal Brand
  • Thrivent College Planner presentation and testing
  • College Application Writing
  • 5 guest speakers
  • PSAT
  • Grade 10

    One Semester Capstone Course

The Art of Leading Others and The Art of Changing Culture

  • Journaling and Portfolio
  • Disney Seminar: Leadership
  • Meyers Briggs Evaluation
  • Interview style and mock interviews
  • SAT
  • Original research paper- facts combined with three different perspectives
  • Business visits/guest speakers
  • Grade 11

    Year-Long Capstone Course

The Art of Engaging Communication

  • Journaling/Portfolio
  • AP Seminar
  • Team Project and Presentation
  • Individual research paper
  • Topic Selection for next year
  • AP exam
  • Grade 12

    Year-Long Capstone Course

The Art of Navigating Transitions

  • Journaling/ complete portfolio
  • AP Research
  • Individual research process and documentation
  • Academic Thesis paper
  • Presentation and Oral Defense
  • AP Exam
  • AP Capstone Diploma

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