God is central!

God is central to building a High School

God is central!

God must be central

How do you build a high school? Bricks, mortar, technology, sports, AP courses, a little of this, a little of that, something for everyone? Since June 2015, there hasn’t been a day when these thoughts aren’t on my mind. At first glance it seems fairly straight forward, but wait, who are we serving? That one question is the key to everything I plan, design and build. Who are we serving?

Now many readers may feel that is an easy question, you are serving the parents paying the tuition. Others respond, you are serving the students, give them the courses they want! Another population contributes, you are serving the community, giving parents a choice. All of these are true and false.

Does this sound rather wishy washy? It does to me; until I look into my heart and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Who am I serving with the building of Holy Cross Lutheran Academy – High School? The central piece is God. Without that piece I would have nothing and no where to start.

God led me to this position. Years of school, certifications, experience and opportunities brought me to a place in time. That time was placed on my heart and sent a clear message; go to HCLA. That might sound a little strange to many people, but God and I have an understanding: Give me a big push, a kick in the pants, anything, but He knows I always require an undeniable sign. Therefore, my first service is to God. Build a high school that will send young adults into the world knowing they are guided by a loving God.

How do the other parts fit in? As I sit at my desk and contemplate this curriculum, that national test, those field trips, which colleges, I always come back to one guiding thought, who do I serve?

Each decision I make involves the reflection of God’s plan for our future leaders. To help each one discover the talent waiting to touch the world, each one discovering a new path, and each one having what is required to leave our campus as well-rounded, caring, Christian citizens. With God the centerpiece of who we serve, watch us GROW!