Bring Faith Home – Week 1

Bring Faith Home – Week 1


As we come off of a long Memorial Day weekend, what better way to jump start summer than continuing to spend time together as a family in God’s word.

If you are following along with our Bring Faith Home program, then there are some key things to touch on this week.


This week, you’re tackling the Gospel of Matthew and getting into the book of Acts.

Matthew is possibly the first Gospel written, and was recorded anywhere between three and fifteen years of Easter. It’s an eyewitness account from an Apostle of Jesus who had all the events in recent memory.

It also is written towards a Jewish audience, making use of many Old Testament passages to show how Jesus was the foretold Messiah.

In reading this week, you should be encouraged by the mounds of evidence that Jesus wasn’t some legend that grew over time, but that He came and fulfilled specific prophecies from centuries prior and that this was confirmed by those who were His contemporaries on earth.


This week as a family you are looking at Creation.

Look at how God is a God of order:
-He took chaos and created systems.
-He built life with continuation.
-He designed times and seasons.

Meanwhile, He still takes care of all life:
-He waters the garden.
-He multiples new life.
-He watches over creation, calling it good.

While note introduced into our Bible story this week, it’s important to recognize that we do not live in this perfect paradise any longer.

This is the practical lesson of what sin does: It separates us from the good God that watches and cares.

This week, take time as a family to not only read this lesson from the Bible (or an appropriate children’s Bible), but also take moments to look at the world around you and show off God’s goodness to your child.

Point out things like
-The sun’s warmth.
-The delicious fruits and vegetables we have.
-The cool ocean’s water at the beach.

And give thanks to God as a family for all these with the simple prayer, “Heavenly Father, thank you for taking care of us and the world. Help us to take care of that which you call good, that we may love you by it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”


After reading the Bible story of Creation, you may use the following devotion for your family. The basis comes from the First Article of the Apostles Creed.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “good”?

What about “very good”?

What about “perfect”?

When God said that creation was “good” He meant it! Everything He had made was reflecting the One who created it. It could be nothing else except good.

But then God did something more: He made people.

And that’s when He calls everything “very good.”

You see, when God said things are “very good” He’s saying everything and everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be and nothing is out of place.

You were part of that “very good” that God saw.

If He didn’t see you in that moment in Genesis 1, He wouldn’t have said creation was “very good.”

How amazing is that! The God who made the oceans, stars, and all life not only notices me, but is watching for me!

We believe that God has made me and all creatures, and that He daily takes care of us all. He does this by giving us food, protection, healthy relationships, and (most importantly) His Word.

By all these things, God takes care of my body and soul. He knows the very hairs on my head just as He knows the grains of sand on the beach, the birds in a flock, and the names of every star in the sky.

He protects me from all danger. Even when I’m in trouble He provides a way out.

All this He does out of love for me.

I don’t have to earn or deserve this love, but He gives it to me through Jesus!

Because of this, I will thank and praise Him.

He has loved me so much, and I want to show Him that I love Him too.