Bring Faith Home – Week 3

Bring Faith Home – Week 3

At this point, you might have either 1) lost momentum or 2) come to the conclusion this is too ambitious for your summer plans.

It’s okay if you’re feeling this way. All of that is normal when you introduce a new habit. But are those feelings reality?

Remember what we talked about in session 2: You will make disciples out of your kids, and they are going to look like you!


It may sound scary to have such a responsibility as parent, but the amazing encouragement we have is that the strength to make disciples of our kids doesn’t come from us, but from God.

Seems pretty fitting then that we learn more about the Holy Spirit this week, since He is the One who gives us that strength to have and hold faith in Christ.


If you are following the 70 Day Bible Reading Plan from the beginning, then about now you should be going through Mark as well as 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

Making disciples out of your children means modeling discipleship in yourself.

There’s no greater way to show our kids how important faith in Jesus Christ is than to simply live it out ourselves. And the only place to start that living is by hearing the words direct from Jesus.


In your Bible time as a family, read through Pentecost in Acts 2.

Pentecost is often times called the “Birthday of the Church,” so consider adding a little excitement to your family devotion this week with BIRTHDAY CAKE!

Pentecost was the day that the Holy Spirit fulfilled the promise of Jesus to come on the Apostles. Through this, the message of Jesus was spoken by the 12 to all the nations gathered in Jerusalem, and from there it grew out far faster than the one mouth of Jesus could have spread it.

An important thing to remember is that the work of the Holy Spirit is always twofold

  1. Carry out the will of the Father
  2. Point people to the saving work of Jesus


This week for your family devotion, go ahead and use The Bible Project video posted above. It contains the depth for older students as well as giving simple images for younger students.

If you are worried this is still to advanced for your kids, then use the following lesson Pentecost instead.