Not on my Bucket List!

Not on my Bucket List!

Since our last “meeting” I completed one item on my “bucket list” and one item not on the list! God Blessed me with a wonderful hiking trip in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. As I completed a full week of hiking and visiting sites, I exited the car, fell and broke my kneecap; not on the bucket list! OK, why and how does this relate to our Crusader Capstone? Leaders rise to the occasion, handle pressure, develop extreme patience and most of all learn to be flexible. I had waited years to be able to hike and experience this beautiful area, I would not allow an accident spoil this gift. I gathered myself, prayed to God for strength and moved to the next installment in my life.

Today it is – Crusader Capstone: the next installment!

During our last episode we discussed why there is a need, what the College Board has designed and what we are doing at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy to afford our high school students the greatest opportunity for success. Let this week’s episode begin…….

Reflection, what worked best during this year? Planning with the end in mind; our students ended this year with a great start. Personal branding, a portfolio, college planning, Habitudes, a look at 12 careers through the eyes of professionals and research-ready questions. One of the key items this past year would be the Habitudes curriculum. We have adopted the faith-based version of the curriculum providing the students with leadership lessons relating to their God-given gifts and how they can affect change in the future. The key to each lesson is a picture! How often have we heard that phrase; a picture is worth a thousand words. Our students will never look at a picture of an iceberg, a laptop or a fueling gas tank the same way again.

Next step – The Art of Leading Others and The Art of Changing Culture! Year two will be a pivotal point in the Crusader Capstone process. Our responsibility is to provide each student with the tools and resources in preparation for the first AP Capstone Course in Junior year. What will that look like? What can I expect? Will it be painful???

Our sophomores will first learn who they are and how that affects their ability to lead and change the world. Each student will complete a Meyers Briggs Evaluation, analyze the results and relate those to their leadership styles. The final result should be an AH HA! moment when all the pieces come together. God made me this way for a reason! I am a terrific Type A!!!!

Year two will also include:
a second course through Disney’s Seminar program: Leadership.
Visits to corporations, colleges and guest speakers.
Sessions in mock interviews and learning interview styles..
Course 3 and 4 in the Habitudes series
Original research paper with three different perspectives based on one of their freshman questions

A full plate for our students! But as we stated in our last episode:

My firm belief: They can succeed with the appropriate foundation! Let’s build that strong foundation — in a Christian environment!

What is next for our high school? Enjoy your 4th of July and stop back in two weeks; see you then.