High School Capstone Curriculum

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High School Capstone Curriculum

Does it feel that the world is requiring our teenagers to grow up faster? How can parents assist our young adults in finding the balance in life, education and discovering the gifts God has given each of them for their future?

These and many other questions run through our minds as we guide our sons/daughters through the educational process and into the world. We promise ourselves to do our best. We promise to keep them safe. We promise to provide greater opportunities. Tall order? No wonder the television is littered with “can’t sleep?” ads.

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy has looked at these very issues and developed a step in the right direction. We have designed and implemented a 4 year Crusader Capstone Curriculum. The word “capstone” is becoming more popular today, but what is it really and why is ours truly different?

Let me explain. The official AP Capstone courses are provided to schools through an application only process with the College Board. This College Board 11th and 12th grade course has been developed through input from colleges across America. Course curriculum, when completed successfully, is designed to prepare students for college and career-ready futures.

I took a look at that curriculum and was impressed, but also concerned. Are high school juniors ready for a 2,000 word individual research and reflection paper, 3,000 word written team report and an 8-10 minute Team multi-media presentation and defense, and finally the AP exam for the course? Mind you, this is in addition to the rest of their course work.

My firm belief: They can succeed with the appropriate foundation! Let’s build that strong foundation — in a Christian environment.

Here is where HCLA is different: we began this year with our freshmen in Crusader Capstone Year One. It is about self-leadership and connecting with others. Our students began their personal portfolio, reflective journaling, attended a seminar on Managing Your Personal Brand, began to learn about college application writing, completed 2 segments of Dr. Tim Elmore’s course; Habitudes and attended 12 career presentations. Their final assignment was the development of 3-5 formal research questions. This process will lead to the next step in their sophomore year.

What is next for our high school? Stop back in two weeks; I will fill you in. See you then.

Shirley came to us in April 2015 from the public school system in Seminole and Volusia counties. Most recently she served 10 years as a middle school assistant principal and 3 years as an ESE Area Administrator. We finished our first year of High School under her direction and are looking forward to next year. Shirley and her husband, Steve, are long standing members of Holy Cross Lutheran Church and have been avid supporters of the school since its beginning.
If you have questions specifically for Shirley, you may reach her at sgeiss@thehcla.org.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of high school with small class sizes, rigorous curriculum, college and career-ready preparation, fine arts, and a caring Christian atmosphere, please contact Sue Stark our Admissions Counselor at sstark@thehcla.org or 407-936-3636 #4.