K-12 Education

Partnering with Families To Provide A Foundation of Faith & Academic Excellence

Partnering with you throughout your child’s K-12 journey.

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy partners with families to grow children in Christ and in academic excellence. From kindergarten to graduation, your child is challenged to take what they’ve previously learned to expand their understanding of both themselves and the world around them. All throughout the journey, you as a parent are invited to partner with their teachers in being an active participant in your child’s educational development.

Our Mission

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy is a Christ-centered community helping children and families to LIVE, LOVE, and LEARN.

  • Live

    Empower the school community to grow and live as responsible Christian citizens.

  • Love

    Nurture the faith of the school community to courageously show the love of Jesus in a changing world.

  • Learn

    Educate the whole child while providing excellent academics.

What Sets us Apart

  • Dedicated Christian teachers who serve as daily role models
  • Daily Bible instruction and opportunities for worship
  • Integration of the Christian faith into all subjects daily
  • High-impact academic programs
  • Extended-day programs
  • Family-friendly environment
  • Opportunities for Christian service
  • Close contact with parents

Elementary School

Exploring critical thinking and the love for learning at a young age.


Challenging young critical thinkers to become self-directed learners.


Preparing Christ-Centered Students for College and Career Success.

  • Freshman Year

    Students program is scheduled to include core academics and a choice of physical education and fine arts options. Learn More about High School.

  • Sophomore Year

    Students continue their chosen core path of standard or honors classes, students will begin to explore career interests to identity their chosen area. Learn More about High School.

  • Junior Year

    Students continue on their chosen core path of study; AP courses are available in selected disciplines. In addition, students research, visit and interview career options for their Senior year internship. Learn More about High School.

  • Senior Year

    Students complete their chosen core path of study; AP courses are available in selected disciples. Students are paired with a mentor in their career of choice and complete a capstone project with the mentor. Learn More about High School.

Ready to Begin?

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