First Grade

First Grade

Moving from Group Tables to “Big” Desks: First Grade is a “Big” Deal.

First Grade is when reading and writing really start to come together. The teachers work with fundamental skills in large and small groups to meet the reading level of each student. Fun reading activities are always in store – we even have had horses come to school to be read to! First Graders have a wonderful sense of imagination and area always finding new ways to express themselves. They are taught the necessary skills for storytelling and self-expression through fun writing prompts and lessons with corresponding drawings and artwork. First Grade also focuses on community, a lesson that is reinforced with multiple field trips to local businesses, parks and zoos and to local theaters.

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First Grade Learning Opportunities

  • Math emphasis is on application and abstract thinking with the use of hands on tools and manipulatives
  • Social Studies includes culture, geography, history, economics and citizenship
  • Science units of study include animals and habitats, insects, earth science and plants
  • Small groups are used to follow up on skills learned in class, providing  independent hands on learning
  • Fun and interactive Physical Education that includes games and sports skills including stretching and conditioning
  • Learn about God’s constant love for His children and the wonderful gift that he gave us all through Jesus.
  • Keyboarding skills and technology lessons through online games and programs to help instill classroom lessons