Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Becoming Self-Reliant: Preparing for the Transition to Middle School

Because fourth grade is a time for greater independence, teachers will stress responsibility and reinforce personal study skills while emphasizing that with God’s help we can all be great in the way He intends. Among their various subjects, students, parents and teachers will go on a trip for a fun filled but educational guided tour of St. Augustine to explore Florida’s history.

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Fourth Grade Learning Opportunities

  • Weekly art, music, library, spanish and technology
  • Fun and interactive physical education that includes games and sports skills including stretching and conditioning
  • Math will continue with multiplication and division skills and introduce geometry skills to strengthen their knowledge of area, volume, and circumference
  • Writing is expanded upon by exploring narrative, informational, descriptive and persuasive writing
  • Religion focuses on key concepts of faith such as law, gospel, confession, forgiveness and grace while focusing on the actions or our God on behalf of his people
  • Technology will be integrated into their classroom assignments and homework which they will be trained on word and productivity software, google docs and even get a school email address