A family-centered start to your child’s educational journey.

Kindergarten is an exciting year for your child. For some it is their first time in school, for others it is their first time being at school for the entire day. In order to partner with the parents in their child’s educational journey, our teachers intentionally build relationships with their student’s family. Visual, auditory and hands-on learning teaching approaches are used throughout the day to meet needs of various learners. Activities include odd/even tag, dancing and singing through spelling words and using household items to create a life size human body.

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Kindergarten Learning Opportunities

  • Weekly art, music, library, spanish and technology
  • Fun and interactive physical education that include games, sports skills, stretching and conditioning
  • Interactive field trips to provide hands on learning that compliments their curriculum
  • School and classroom community service learning projects
  • Holiday and seasonal celebrations
  • Keyboarding skills
  • Classroom jobs such as messenger, line leader, attendance helper, lunch assistant, door holder, classroom librarian, electricity engineer (turning off lights) and supply supervisor.