Third Grade

Third Grade

You have Learned to Read, Now Let’s Read to Learn!

Third graders move from learning to read to reading to learn and as they explore character, plot and setting while experiencing various genres such as folklore, fantasy, fiction and nonfiction in individual and group reading assignments. Third grade is full of fun projects and hands on learning. Experiences include creating their own business so students can better learn about marketing and the concept of handling money and educational games to reinforce their lessons. The students will learn to walk daily with God in and beyond the classroom, sharing their faith through actions and words.

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Third Grade Learning Opportunities

  • Weekly art, music, library, spanish and technology
  • Social Studies focuses on different countries and the US regions as well as learning the 50 states and their capitals
  • Math introduces multiplication and division with reinforcement with solving story problems all taught with fun activities and manipulatives
  • Fun and interactive physical education that includes games and sports skills including stretching and conditioning
  • Reading comprehension skills, drawing conclusions, predictions, and cause and effect are taught by introducing different genres and stories
  • Keyboarding skills and technology lessons through online games and programs to help instill classroom lessons as well as lessons on internet safety and cyber bullying
  • Creative writing is taught through interesting weekly stories and cursive is still taught