Middle School

Middle School – helping you and your student navigate their academic journey toward high school.

HCLA is a stable, supportive atmosphere for your Middle Schooler.

It takes teachers’ understanding, love, and dedication to help them as they change spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially.

We teach the whole child: mind, body and spirit.

Middle school at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy includes fifth through eighth grade. A high-impact curriculum of bible class, science, social studies, language arts, mathematics and Spanish is complemented with specialty classes including art, music, drama, technology and physical education. In addition to these all-inclusive classes, elective courses are offered on a semester basis allowing students to explore a variety of interests. Students are given the opportunity to further explore their interest in the arts, sports, and the sciences.

Fifth & Sixth Grade

Exploring Options & Growing in Independence.

Middle School at Holy Cross Lutheran Academy starts in fifth grade. This gives us an extra year with your student to develop organizational skills, gain independence and self-motivation in a middle school setting. We have found this extra year in middle school better prepares them for sixth grade by providing them with a readiness to learn and take charge of their middle school experience. As students are entering their teenage years, middle school can be unsettling for both students and parents. Partnered with you and your child’s family, we are here to guide them and help your student through these years.

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Seventh & Eighth Grade

Focus on Special Interests and Prepare for High School

Now that your child is halfway through middle school, high school is soon approaching. We continue to challenge our students and set them on the path toward their time in high school, for college and for their career. Honors classes and accelerated math are available to them as they begin to prepare for what their high school career might look like. They are given the tools and instruction that will prepare them for more advanced high school classes.

We are a DUKE TIP participating school. Each year we identify seventh grade students with strong intellectual abilities who achieve a qualifying score at or above the 95th percentile on a recent grade-level test. Families are then given opportunities to expand their students education opportunities through Duke TIP.