Middle School Curriculum

What will my Middle School student learn?

Holy Cross Lutheran Academy aligns with Concordia Curriculum Guide, Best Practices and SAT/ACT benchmarks. This provides students with academic objectives fulfilling preparation for high school and activities for integrating them with various aspects of the Christian faith.

Core Academic Program Requirements – Middle School students are required to receive instruction in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies each year.

Advanced Courses – Enrollment in advanced courses is open to any student who is ready to take on the challenge of a more rigorous curriculum that prepares students for higher level courses in high school. The advanced course placement will be based on score, ability and teacher recommendation.

High School Credit Courses – Middle School students enrolled in a high school credit course ( i.e. Spanish 1, Algebra 1, Geometry and Enviromental Science) can expect a rigorous curriculum and will earn a high school credit for each successfully completed course.