This is our central location for our updates related to school opening, safety measures, drop-off and pick-up procedures and other important announcements as they relate to Covid-19.

Education Options for your Child

Schedule a tour to learn more about Holy Cross Learning Advantage!  In this uncertain time, the decision to have your child in school or at home is in your hands.  We have two options for our K-12 students based on your family situation and comfort level with having your child at school.  Gather your information and then the choice is yours!

















What is Holy Cross Learning Advantage?

It is our response to the Covid 19 Pandemic and how it affected classroom instruction and families during the last 2 months of the 2019-2020 school year. It provides parents with two options for instruction, at home or in person.  Our in person instruction will continue unless we are directed to keep school closed.  As we move forward with expectation and hope for the future, we are renewed in what we have to offer our Community.  We’ve heard the disappointments, the uncertainty and dissatisfaction expressed in the community.  We are here as a solution for Seminole County, Lake County, Volusia County and Orange County families seeking high-quality Christian Education.

How does Holy Cross Learning Advantage Work?

The short version of Learning Advantage is that it leverages technology and process to assure that students have a classroom experience at home that is as close as possible to being in school. We believe that we can keep the student actively engaged and offer enough support so students do not have to rely on parents for constant teaching assistance.  This will be handled differently and academically appropriate and Lower and Upper Campuses. 

If you are a family that is considering Holy Cross as a partner in education, please call our office at 407-936-3636 to schedule a tour and our admissions team can give you the information during your tour.

If you are a returning family, you should have been sent details of the program via email. If you have not received that communication, please contact our school office.

Sign the Parent Partner Agreement

Your partnership in your child’s education is very important.  Choosing our at-home Synchronous learning is a choice and a commitment.  You are choosing this for the safety of your child, but you are committing to partnering in this unique education model.  We are happy to offer this option during this time of a pandemic.

Why would I enroll my student in this HCLA program?

Due to the uncertainty of Covid 19 and the real the dangers associated with contracting the disease, Holy Cross wanted to make sure that any parent uncomfortable with their student attending “in person” school have the option of learning safely at home.

Below is list of examples of who might consider using Learning Advantage:

You care for an elderly parent at home and are worried about your children carrying home the virus and transmitting it to them.

You or your child are immune-compromised and are at greater risk of exposure.

You have concerns about your family’s health and feel safer waiting a couple of quarters.

If the government closes schools in the Fall due to a resurgence of Covid 19, Holy Cross will  be ready to deliver high quality online instruction without disruption.

Does Learning Advantage have additional costs?

Tuition remains the same for either option a family chooses. However, there are some basic technology requirements for students learning from home that could require additional technology purchases.

Can families change their minds about Learning Advantage?

Families can make a switch to “in person” classes at the end of a quarter only, but may move their student to “at home” school any time they desire, however, the student must remain in “at home” status until the quarter ends .