Kindergarten through 5th Grade


INSTILLING A LOVE FOR LEARNING! Holy Cross Lutheran Academy provides a safe, nurturing environment that elementary children need to explore and experiment.  Our Christ-centered instruction strives to instill a life-long love of learning and a quest for knowledge for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Students are taught in self-contained classrooms with departmentalization for PE, Music, Art, and Spanish.  Our students learn to excel in solving problems and creating solutions.  They become active thinkers, makers, and explorers of ideas.  This is accomplished through academic skill development, organization, and discipline.


Kindergarten is a year of growth as students continue to develop spiritually, socially, and academically. Learning in Kindergarten is challenging –  yet fun and engaging! Students participate in thematic cross-curricular activities throughout the year to develop and expand literacy, mathematical, and social skills.  Our connection to home remains a priority and allows us to partner with you in this important stage of education.
Kindergarteners also experience servicing the community through our planning and implementation of our yearly service-learning project.



First grade is packed with important and exciting transitions as our students build on the skills introduced in Kindergarten and further develop their academic skills. As an essential part of a first grader’s learning process,  all subjects  incorporate technology, visuals, songs, and hands on activities. Understanding that each child is a unique individual, teachers place a large emphasis on differentiation and work in both whole and small group to better meet the needs of each student.   


Second graders continue to move toward becoming responsible, self-motivated learners.  Challenged to develop critical thinking skills in all academic subject areas, students develop creative ways to solve problems and take ownership of their actions and words.  Two key  projects include developing public speaking skills with monthly book reports using various multi-media presentations, and exploring eight major systems of the human body, by constructing a life-sized model.  Through these and other creative and innovative classroom experiences, students get a foundation for life-long learning.  Teachers help students to love Jesus by experiencing His grace and mercy, and to love each other by respecting and serving one another.


Third graders take on more responsibility for their learning as they grow both academically and spiritually. With a strong emphasis on reading and writing, students shift from learning to read, to reading to learn. Weekly stories allow them to experience various genres such as folklore, fantasy, realistic fiction, expository text, and poetry. Once they have become familiar with a genre and learn the key features, they put their pencil to the paper and write their own essays and stories. Third grade utilizes fun projects and cross-curricular activities providing valuable hands on learning. One example of this is the annual cross-curricular unit where students create and launch their own business so they can better learn about goods and services, budgeting, production, marketing, and handling money. Educational games, such as the on-line States and Capitals game, are integrated into lessons helping to reinforce learning. The students learn to walk daily with God in and beyond the classroom while participating in their service learning project.


Fourth Grade is a year of tremendous growth as students become more independent and confident. They grow spiritually, academically and socially.  Students learn to be creative, analytic and abstract thinkers. Emphasis is placed on study, research and time management skills.  Opportunity to grow in leadership skills come with 4th grade participation the AAA Safety Patrol program, serving as leaders for Chapel Tribes, and being literacy ‘buddies’ for the Preschool students.  Students are also encouraged to have a heart for Christ, achieve academic success, connect to their communities and to be leaders. 


5th graders are finishing up elementary and getting ready for Middle School! We work with students to develop organizational skills, gain independence and self-motivation in preparation.  We have found that expecting them to take charge of their academics in the 5th grade gives them a jump start for the years to come. As students are entering their teenage years, middle school can be unsettling for both students and parents.  Partnered with you  and your child, we are here to guide toward their transition to Middle school.


A well-rounded student is the most successful!  We teach the whole child – physically, spiritually, and academically.  It is important to us as it is to you that they are exposed to a variety of interests.



We strive to nurture a child’s innate love for music and hopefully spark an interest for students to continue music studies with playing an instrument or singing.  Music class focuses on teaching the basics of music theory including notes, rests, meter, and more.  Students experiment with a variety of instruments including keyboard, handbells, percussion, and a plethora of rhythm instruments.  All students learn and perform a musical including drama and music for Christmas and in a worship concert in Spring.  


Our Elementary Spanish classes consist of utilizing a variety of interactive methods that will help students learn and enjoy Spanish language and culture.   Music, rhyme, dance, movement, reading and other activities are used to spark a love for a lifelong engagement with Spanish.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education department offers  students a wide variety of fitness and recreational skills to promote academic performance and good habits that will last a lifetime. HCLA utilizes the award winning curriculum  SPARK ( Sports, Play, and Recreation for Kids) that allows students to engage in an amazing physically active program in a fun learning environment.  Our bodies are designed to do amazing things so we also promote living a healthy life style to keep this God-given gift in great shape. 


Students learn the fundamentals of art through a fun, challenging, and experiential curriculum. Children develop a personal art practice by growing their artistic skill set, learning about the history of art throughout time, and experimenting with a wide variety of materials.  Guided by different engaging themes and lessons each week, children build on their growing skills and understanding of the elements of art to design their own creative compositions and gain confidence as artists. Lessons focus on observation, experimentation, and imagination, given context by studying important artworks and artists throughout time. Lessons also relate to biblical truths and growing in a personal relationship with God. Let’s get messy, gain confidence, and grow as creative souls who love and serve the Lord!


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Non-Discrimination Policy

HCLA admits children of any sex, race, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities, which are made available to all children at the school. We do not discriminate in administration of our programs and policies.