It takes teachers’ understanding, love, and dedication to help your middle school student as they change spiritually, academically, emotionally, and socially.  It is important that we remind them of their identity in Christ during these years of growth and change. We challenge our students and set them on the path toward their time in high school, for college and for their career. Honors classes and accelerated math are available to them as they begin to prepare for what their high school career might look like.  Their hopes and dreams begin at this age and helping them begin to see their gifts and talents sets them up for success.


In 6th grade we continue to nurture and challenge your students.  They begin to have more selection in their electives and can be placed in advanced classes (math, science and language arts) in preparation for their high school journey.  It is important to provide support for challenges that youth face in Middle School.  Our transition to 6th grade curriculum provides this support and tools for success.


Now your child is halfway through middle school and high school is soon approaching. It comes faster than you think, so we continue to challenge our students and set them on the path toward their time in high school, for college and for their career. They are given the tools and instruction that will prepare them for more advanced high school classes.  7th grade enjoys a 3-day field trip to Key Largo for a fun, educational experience at Marine Lab.


The final year of Middle School brings anticipation.  Many are excited for high school, and some will be anxious about the transition.  Preparation is key!   Our Upper School Principal meets with each student to discuss their goals and dreams.  We will direct students to the classes that will help them reach those goals – even if they may change their minds!  There is opportunity get a jump start on high school credits in 8th grade (Algebra, Geometry, Environmental Science and Spanish 1) .  High School is around the corner, but we are preparing them every step of the way.   

Middle School Academics

Our middle school is dedicated to providing each student with the opportunity to understand and analyze the relationship between subject areas and life decisions.  As students mature through the middle school curriculum, each one will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for “how this really relates” to life outside the classroom.  HCLA provides each student the opportunity to accelerate and reach his/her full potential.  We have a robust middle school course selection that keeps our students interested and eager to learn.


Our One in Christ curriculum is provided through the Concordia Publishing House. Each grade level builds on the understanding of Christian values, Biblical verses and living our lives as contributing members of our community.


The middle school math program provides the unique opportunity for students to advance and accelerate based on their abilities. Students complete the admission’s test, we evaluate all supportive data and make recommendations for the initial placement. We provide our students with the ability to earn 2 high school math credits during the middle school years.


English/Language Arts

Middle school focuses on developing strong writing skills combined with inferential and analytical skills. During this area of academic development it is incumbent on us to ensure all students receive education on crucial communication skills, the ability to analyze evidence and conduct ethical research.


The curriculum for our social studies department follows an orderly time-line. Middle school starts with a year of World History, moves to one year of US History and ends with US History, Modern Times. This McGraw Hill curriculum is on-line and provides students with beginning proficiency using a computer as a key textbook.


HCLA approaches science in a unique way. We believe demonstrating a strong connection between faith and this beautiful world around us is fundamental. Each year our curriculum follows an integrated science approach, utilizing an interactive, inquiry-based text through Discovery Education. This provides each student with the opportunity to make real-world connections through the utilization of MythBusters, Shark Week and Street Science. At the conclusion of their middle school years, students learn the relevant and lasting connection between science and their everyday lives.


A well-rounded student is the most successful!  We teach the whole child – physically, spiritually, and academically.  It is is important to us as it is to you that they are exposed to a variety of interests.  We offer electives each semester that will give them the opportunity to try new things and continue to grow in those areas if they choose.  Areas for electives are music, art, drama, technology, life skills, robotics, etc.

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Non-Discrimination Policy

HCLA admits children of any sex, race, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities, which are made available to all children at the school. We do not discriminate in administration of our programs and policies.